Thursday, 31 January 2013

Trendy Thursdays - Purple

This one was a little tricky.
I wanted to try something i have never attempted before, mainly because i didn't own any Jelly Nail Polishes. But wait - I did!
Sinful Color in Daddy's Little Girls is a Jelly with Glitters.
Only after applying it then i realize that for this technique i should have gone a different direction.
I paired it with Kleancolor's Aurora which carries iridescent chunky glitters with stars also.
My Adventure in Samwiching Began... 
When i tried to take pictures, the flash washed out the glitters but i think i got some shots where u can barely make then out.

Today's Nail Art: Purple
My Take: Glitter Samwich 

This won't be my last attempt at Glitter Samwich...
Stay Tuned in for more... ;)

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