Friday, 4 January 2013

Review - Gillette Venus Embrace Razor & Gillette Venus & Olay Refill (Influenster Cosmo Voxbox 2012)

I love Gillette products. I stand by Gillette for a nice close shave. I have super sensitive skin and these are the best kinds. These blades claim to "hug curves to get virtually every hair."

So not only do I get a Venus razor in my Cosmo VoxBox but I get a refill as well. 
Venus & Olay have teamed up to make perfect refills with moisture bars attached so you don't have too use shaving cream. By the time the moisture bars run out (which seems like forever) it is time to replace your razor. The conditioners prevent your skin from drying out. Nothing's better than getting out of the shower with freshly shaved, smooth and moisturized legs! 

Plus they also sent a $2.00 off coupon

I rate this product:

The Cosmo VoxBox was given to me by Influenster free of charge to review. Everything above is in my own honest opinion.

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