Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter!

Which girl in their right mind will pass a sale?
I mean 50% off is HUGE!!!
And even after i bashed my toes in, i still hopped around holding things with every possible part of my body, well, until one of the sales rep came and helped me. 
I guess i was her charity case that day!
Girl with the Bashed in Toe!
Still Hurts!

Any ways, down to the good stuff!!!
This was obviously the highlight of the sale.

Got myself 4 Kleancolor Nail Lacquers and 3 Nabi Magnetic Nail Polishes
The Kleancolor Nail Lacquers normally go for around TT$10-TT$15 but i got them for TT$7.50 a pop and when i get these this cheap i stock up.
Kleancolor Nail Laquers

Kleancolor Cream Pearl: White-ish Pearly Shimmery Sheer Nail Polish

Kleancolor 24 Carat: Fine Glitter with Gold Overtones and Rainbow Undertones

Kleancolor Unforgettable Memories: Shimmery Baby Blue 

Kleancolor Metallic Orange: Definitely Spot On with the name Metallic Orange

Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish - Didn't even know that Nabi had Magnetics...

These i got for TT$10 (Original Price: TT$20).
I mean I have been seeing Magnetic Nail Polish from TT$40 and up so this was obviously a must.

Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish: Rose (Most Gorgeous Pink)

Nabi Magnetic Nail Polish: Cappucinno Brown with Gold Undertones

Gave the nude-ish tone one to Stacy

So, their you have it - my little haul...

I did haul a couple of Makeup Items but will be posting that soon...

Thank You Guys!!!

Happy Shopping...


  1. What's the name of the store you got these from?

    1. Hi Hi!!! I think the name of that store is Xclusives on High Street, San Fernando! If you know San'do good - it's the clothes store next to the shoe store that's under the steps at the top of high street.

  2. meers i want i want i want...

    1. EEEEEEeeeee!!!! Thought it was me alone that shows that kind of excitement for nail polish! I'll be going next week to get them for you... ;)