Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Confessions of a Bargain Hunter - Pennywise Haul

I've been due a haul but life keeps getting in the way...
It's a long one...
Grab a Cuppa Joe and Pull up a Comfy Chair...

I've divided my haul in categories cause it was easier for me.

Let's start with Miscellaneous.

This is my 'Make Me Happy Body Puff' :D because it comes with glitter in it...

My Go to Nail Polish Remover

I'm jumping unto the Moroccan Argan Oil Train

These wipes "hottah than hops bread"

My Face Cleansing Sponge

Best Cosmetics Pads in the World - My World ;) (Mind You - the CSR was cautious enough to mention the ones in the box is finished but it's the same thing)

Now unto Nail Polishes. I didn't buy much nail polish like i normally do but you'll see why in a minute...

These are just colors i don't have in my collection.

Right! Lippies!!! I'm very excited although it's only two product but i purchased my very first Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter and I'm a Believer... Gotta Gett'em All......

Beauty Treats Magical Lipstick - Turns to a Rosey Pink

Revlon's Lip Butter in Creme Brulee

A Few Make Up Brushes. 
Small Contour Brush

Revlon's Blending Brush 

Small Angled Brush

Lip Brush

Pencil Brush
And the Grand Finale....
Pretty Palettes!!!
Pretty Cheap Palettes!!!
Palette Stash
Aziza 6 Eyeshadow Palette ($8.95) - Soft Matte Finish (Low Pigmentation)

Santee 12 Eyeshadow Palette ($10.95) - Satin Finish (Medium Pigmentation)

Santee 20 Eyeshadow Palette ($14.95) - Shimmery Finish (Medium - High Pigmentation)

Santee 24 Eyeshadow Palette ($14.95) - Shimmery Finish (High Pigmentation)

Santee 24 Eyeshadow Palette ($29.95) - Mixture of Matte, Satin and Shimmery Finish (Highly Pigmented)
Their you have it. I hope you guys are still with me. I know it's alot but i don't really have much palette with bright colors and i went crazy when i saw these. Brights can be a bit Terrifying but it's time i come out of my Neutral Comfort Zone. They aren't any thing close to what i have in my collection. And i finally got a Red eyeshadow. 

I personally want to thank each and everyone of you who takes the time to leave comments and read my blog and even on my YouTube page. It means the world to me and i really appreciate the Love. 

Happy Shopping!

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