Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Trendy Thursdays - Pink

Life Happened Again and it got in the way of my promised committed posts but the dust is starting to settle and i am working very hard to get back to normal.

I must say thank you for your continued support.

Right On - Now to our Challenge.

Today's Nail Art: Pink
My Take: Bubbles

Yes Bubbles!

I used Pure Ice in Love and a simple white striper polish to achieve these bubbles.

Do you know that even if you say Bubbles in your angriest voice ever you will still sound cute ^_^

Don't forget to check out Stacy over at Just For Fun and see her Pink Nails ;)

Why not join in on the fun...

Leave a comment on mines or Stacy's post and we'll get back to you 
as soon as possible.


  1. B is for bubbles. I love your bubbles. I'm gonna try it soon