Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

I have alot of eyeshadows but very few palettes.
It's something i have been interested in since i was weeeee little. :D
These days we have tonnes of palettes at our finger tips.
Came across these in Pennywise and thought it to be interesting enough to wanna try it.

Box - Front View

Box - Back View

Palette - Front View (Matte)

Palette - Back View (Matte)

Open View
Close up

Sample Swatches

Box - Front View

Box - Back View

Palette - Front View (Shiny)

Palette - Back View (Shiny)

Open View

Close Up
Sample Swatches

Stay tuned for looks using these palettes...

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nail Polish Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

It's been awhile since i found interesting colors but i think i hit the jackpot with this haul.

Santee is such an affordable brand with it ranging from $5 at Pennywise, you can't go wrong in building a collection.
This one looks a little purple in the bottle but it's a satin-y baby blue-ish tone.

Copper is an earthy shade and i think it will look perfect on my toes.

You know there are little things you come across from time to time in life that makes you stop dead in your tracks.
This is one - I can't wait to use this color.
Looks more Teal-ish in real life.

How whimsical is this color. Perfect for accenting.

Here comes the Metallics.
I heard a rumor that these are great for stamping and i'm trying to collect all.

Perfect Army Color, Rusty Mustardy Green.
Kinda makes me feel for HAM ;)
Reminds me of Chow Chow...Hehehe

Have you seen the Holo's lately.
I want to put this on everything!

Happy Shopping!

Review - Beauty Treats 88 Professional Palette (Warm)

I tried a 'lil something'...

I looked at thousands of videos and i tried a 'lil something'...

It might have taken me nothing short of 45 minutes but i still tried a 'lil something'...

I liked this 'lil something'...

Maybe you can try this 'lil something' too...

I used the Beauty Treats Professional Palette in Warm to achieve this Neutral Subtle look.

Imagine the possibilities and combinations you can create using this palette.

The colors are very pigmented and blend-able.

It can be bought at Pennywise for $74.95. At this price - A Steal of a Deal

Compared to all the Warm 88 Palettes on the Market now.

Would you wear this look?
Would you like to see more looks using this palette or any other palettes I've blogged about in the past.
I'll greatly appreciate your feedback.

Happy Holidays!

Collective Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

I have been doing some damage lately.
My husband finds them all over the house because i know that if he sees them all in one he'll trip. :)
This haul is a collective one.
I tried my hand at the Revlon Lip Butters and i absolutely fell in love with them and the fact that most of them are sheer fits well in my book because i have very pigmented lips and don't go much for lipsticks. I've added Berry Smoothie to my Collection of Two. :D I definitely know that it won't remain that way for long.
Pennywise - $38.95

I know that St. Ives Products are not for most people but it's the only thing i can use and be comfortable with. No Breakouts is a Plus. I change it up from time to time from the Green Tea one to the Olive Oil one but it's what i use.

Pennywise - $39.95

This is new but i'm giving it a go...
Pennywise - $16.95

I Love Candles. 
I Love my House Smelling Nice.
I Love Pennywise for having very Affordable Candles that are Very Aromatic.

Pennywise - $7.95

Good Ole Wipe...
Pennywise - $4.95

Pennywise - $17.95

These were collective over the month and i made a vow to acquire all the colors in the La Colors Jumbo Pencils.
They are Amazing!!!
Stacy was sweet enough to help me out in this venture. She got me Relaxation
Wonderful World - $10.00

Micles now have a wide range of Kleancolor Cosmetics and Nail Polish.
How adorable is the Pink Eyeliner Brush. ^_^
Micles - $20.00

Since i have Jumbo pencils in my collection now, it's only right i get this.
Wonderful World - $5.00

Stay Tuned...
More to come...

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Nail Art Tutorial - Pinstripes & Roses

A Very Simple and Elegant Nail Art.
A Beautiful Technique to Play with Colors.
Try it out - You won't regret it!
Pinky Promise ;)

Here's the tutorial for this Simple Technique.

  1. Kleancolor Love Me Duo
  2. White Stripper
  3. Sally Hansen Honarary Mauve Creme
  4. Ruby Kisses Millionaire's Green
Hope you enjoy my little tutorial and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for new videos.

Happy Viewing!