Monday, 17 December 2012

Confessions of a Bargain Hunter - Wonderful World

Tiny Haul.
Some fun nail polishes, finally a stippling brush, a jumbo eye-shadow pencil and THE WRONG SHADE OF MINERAL POWDER - URGH!!!
We took about 10 minutes to find the right shade and she gave me the wrong shade...
But it just goes to show people - Double Check your items before purchasing and exiting the store.
So as the saying goes
"When the Sales Girl gives you the wrong shade of Powder, Use it as Bronzer"

Happy Holidays!

Idlesome Nail Art

Just a couple of cute mani's i did over the past couple of weeks.

Happy Holidays!

You've Been Swatched - Elf (Royal Purple)

You know the saying
"A Picture Paints a Thousand Words..."
Well this picture just takes away from the beauty that this bottle holds.
Something to do with Purples - I can never get the right shade.
It's a gorgeous deep purple with the ever so slightly bits of shimmer showing up here and there...
I just wish you guys could have seen the true color pay off.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, 7 December 2012

You've Been Swatched - Santee (Silver)

This color is sooooo sheer it looks like a pearl. 
I can't say much for it's application but that it's streaky and i don't mind.
They should have called it Pearl though instead of Silver.

November was Prostate Cancer Awareness month.
I had this manicure planned but sometimes life gets in the way of my plans.
But as i always say, "Better Late than Never"
And even though November was marked for Prostate Cancer Awareness, i think we should always have the men in our lives at the top of our list - I Do!
So i present to you - Mr. Frenchy!!! :D
Do Curtsy...for Mr. Frenchy is indeed the Gentleman! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and i look forward to being able to share my joy with you.

Happy Readings!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Review - Milani Coral Cabana

This Lipstick is a creamy-smooth, full-coverage, lustrous lipcolor that makes lips look and feel magnificent! The smell of it though is very strong - you continue to smell it once it remains on your lips. I personally don't mind the smell because it reminds me of my mom. The days when i use to rummage through her collection and swatch it on the inside of the cupboard door - not my lips - the cupboard door. Hehe. It's one i reach for on a regular basis because it's not very bold although it may come of as a metallic lip color because of the coppery undertones to it. I use a light handed application but it's very build-able to achieve it's greatest potential.


What's your favorite Orange-ish lipcolor?

Happy Reads!

Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

 I've notice a trend.

*Nervous Look*

Most of my post for the last couple of weeks are hauls.
Do I have a problem?
Ok then! Teehee!!!!

This one's small - very small.
I purchased these products from Halener Rustique

First up are these cute little pots - 5 grms jars where you get 10 jars for $35 TT.
I might use these for my Halener Rustique pigments or Nail Art Jewels.

My Holy Grail Product!
I don't know how i lived without this stuff before.
This goes for $25 TT for the 30 grms jar and it comes with a sifter to make things a bit easier to apply.

 A MN 12 pcs pencil set for $25 TT. 
These can be used for both Eyes and Lips and they are so pigmented and don't let me start on the Cute Factor here.

This was a Freebie! Yay for Freebies!!!
I went through my entire collection of eye shadows and that did take me a while - loooong while to find a dupe for this because i noticed i have alot of Gold eye shadows.
None! I found none.
This is definitely a Must have just because it's unique in my eyes and its only $5 TT for a 1/4 teaspoon in a baggie.

See - i told you it was a very small haul.

Take Care

Happy Shoppings!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Sweetest Things - Gift Haul

Sometimes in Life We ask Ourselves

"What is a Friend?"

A Friend is the Person We Share the Last Cookie With.......





You know your girl just couldn't wait to try out those wicked spots...

Thank You Sweet Gurl!!!
You Da Bess!!!


Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

When i recently hauled the Beauty Treats 88 Professional Warm Palette, i had my eyes on the Shimmer Palette also but when i tested out the Neutral - WOW!!! Talk about quality. I don't know how it compares to all the other 88 Professional Palettes on the market but i do know that this one is a winner. The prices is very affordable and for the quality of the shadows well worth it...
I grabbed them all - As you can see.
I don't think i'll be needed Palettes in a while.
I'm Set!!!

Box - Front

Box - Back



Box - Front

Box - Back



Box - Front

Box - Back



I can't wait to start using these...
If i can tear myself away from the neutral palette...
After all - IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!
I might spice it up a bit - got a lot of options with these palettes.

Happy Shopping!