Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Review - Beauty Treats 88 Professional Palette (Warm)

I tried a 'lil something'...

I looked at thousands of videos and i tried a 'lil something'...

It might have taken me nothing short of 45 minutes but i still tried a 'lil something'...

I liked this 'lil something'...

Maybe you can try this 'lil something' too...

I used the Beauty Treats Professional Palette in Warm to achieve this Neutral Subtle look.

Imagine the possibilities and combinations you can create using this palette.

The colors are very pigmented and blend-able.

It can be bought at Pennywise for $74.95. At this price - A Steal of a Deal

Compared to all the Warm 88 Palettes on the Market now.

Would you wear this look?
Would you like to see more looks using this palette or any other palettes I've blogged about in the past.
I'll greatly appreciate your feedback.

Happy Holidays!

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