Friday, 7 December 2012

You've Been Swatched - Santee (Silver)

This color is sooooo sheer it looks like a pearl. 
I can't say much for it's application but that it's streaky and i don't mind.
They should have called it Pearl though instead of Silver.

November was Prostate Cancer Awareness month.
I had this manicure planned but sometimes life gets in the way of my plans.
But as i always say, "Better Late than Never"
And even though November was marked for Prostate Cancer Awareness, i think we should always have the men in our lives at the top of our list - I Do!
So i present to you - Mr. Frenchy!!! :D
Do Curtsy...for Mr. Frenchy is indeed the Gentleman! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and i look forward to being able to share my joy with you.

Happy Readings!