Thursday, 6 December 2012

Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

 I've notice a trend.

*Nervous Look*

Most of my post for the last couple of weeks are hauls.
Do I have a problem?
Ok then! Teehee!!!!

This one's small - very small.
I purchased these products from Halener Rustique

First up are these cute little pots - 5 grms jars where you get 10 jars for $35 TT.
I might use these for my Halener Rustique pigments or Nail Art Jewels.

My Holy Grail Product!
I don't know how i lived without this stuff before.
This goes for $25 TT for the 30 grms jar and it comes with a sifter to make things a bit easier to apply.

 A MN 12 pcs pencil set for $25 TT. 
These can be used for both Eyes and Lips and they are so pigmented and don't let me start on the Cute Factor here.

This was a Freebie! Yay for Freebies!!!
I went through my entire collection of eye shadows and that did take me a while - loooong while to find a dupe for this because i noticed i have alot of Gold eye shadows.
None! I found none.
This is definitely a Must have just because it's unique in my eyes and its only $5 TT for a 1/4 teaspoon in a baggie.

See - i told you it was a very small haul.

Take Care

Happy Shoppings!