Friday, 14 September 2012

Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

 A small miscellaneous haul.

But these product are so good, i must mention them.

I've heard so many review on this one product, when i saw it in Pennywise i just knew that i had to try it because i normally use Oil of Olay Makeup Removing Wipes which is a bit costly.
Roanna raved about it on her Youtube Channel.
Eshe had good things to say also - check her out here.

Simple Baby Moisturising Wipes 

These clips are so inexpensive but so useful. I use these when I'm styling my hair.

Sectioning Clips

I use these sponges for applying powder to my face. The white one though I'm very new to and didn't know what i was in for...

This morning i wanted to try out my new fluffy powder puff so i took it out of the packaging and the hubs was standing right in front of me when i just ever so lightly dusted his face with all the fluffiness you can imagine. A huge amount of shimmer was left on his face where ever the fluff touched. 
OMG!!! This was right before work this morning. Well i don't have to tell you the rest...
But i had a field day with it after i found out it was packed with shimmer.
All shimmery this morning :)
Oh! The perfect applicator for Urban Decay Ebidle Body Shimmer.

Cotton Powder Puff
Face and Body Puff

This is by far the best reasonably price body wash i have ever use. Won't be changing it any time soon but i am trying out all the scents.

Suave Body Wash

This is my first gel liner. Not a fan of the brush but it's still so cute.

Eyeliner Gel

I'm a huge fan of Neutral Colours so this simple palette caught my eyes but i am a bit disappointed with the matte brown one (the last one to the bottom). It just didn't want to swatch but the others were so soft n beautiful. For that price - well worth it.

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

And finally, i just can't seem to see glitter and leave it alone.
Ain't it Pretty! I'm Hypnotised!

Pink Nail Art Glitter

Thank you for your time!

Happy Shopping!


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