Saturday, 1 June 2013

Trendy Thursday - Indian Arrival Day

Not a lot of people know this but my Great-Grams on my mother's side came on that boat from India so although we don't really do anything special, it still holds a place in my heart - I even own a piece of her jewelry, a simple ring.

Today's Nail ArtIndian Arrival Day
My Take: White Sari

Do you see the layers in this glitter sandwich?
For me it represents the layers of beauty in a Sari - the Traditional Female Indian Wear which i adore and take every chance and opportunity i get to wear one ;) 
It's the only time i get to go over the top with jewelry and make-up and everything - whoo hoo!!!  
I got that from my mother :D

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Next Weeks Trendy Thursday will be featuring "Texture".

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