Thursday, 9 May 2013

Trendy Thursday - New Technique

It seems to me like everytime i get caught up with the "New Trend/Technique" in the Nail Polish World another one comes out.
When i read about this trend i really didn't know what to think about it...
Read on and you'll see what i mean...

I do hope you enjoy!

Today's Nail Art: New Technique
My Take: Textured Nail - Concrete

This was a DIY and if you are interested in getting this look please leave a comment below and i'll do a video on it.
But to be totally honest with you - I Hated This Manicure!
It was the most uncomfortable manicure i have ever worn.
If i wasn't "Sick Like a Dog" (No Offence Puppies ;D) i would have taken it of the very next day.
What's the worst Manicure you have ever worn?

Don't forget to check out Stacy over at Just For Fun and see her New Technique ;)

Why not join in on the fun...

Leave a comment on mines or Stacy's post and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Next Weeks Trendy Thursday will be featuring "Oldest Untried Nail Polish".


  1. SO textured! What did you use to get that look?

    1. I used cornmeal. I tried flour and sugar-both didn't work and salt is very bad for your nails. Curiosity Killed the Cat ^_^ :D

  2. Lol ok seriously that looks kinda gross.

  3. I've seen textrued nails but that one looks really weird...

    1. it felt worst *_* but was very interesting...