Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Nail Art Tutorial - Peacock Inspired Valentines Day Nail Art

Bible history shows that peacocks were among the valuable imports of King Solomon. It is interesting to imagine peacocks strutting about in his royal gardens. (1 Kings 10:22, 23) These birds surely tell us that there is an intelligent Designer. When the peacock dances with its outspread train of dazzlingly colored feathers, one cannot help but marvel at the artistic abilities of Jehovah, the God who “created all things.”—Revelation 4:11.
The Peacock also symbolizes Eternal Love that's why i thought that this would be a perfect look for Valentines.

Here's the tutorial for this Simple Easy Look.


  1. Jordana Pearl
  2. Kleancolor Metallic Yellow
  3. Kleancolor Metallic Green
  4. Kleancolor Atomic
  5. Kleancolor Retro Green
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