Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Nail Polish Haul - Confessions of a Bargain Hunter

It's been awhile since i found interesting colors but i think i hit the jackpot with this haul.

Santee is such an affordable brand with it ranging from $5 at Pennywise, you can't go wrong in building a collection.
This one looks a little purple in the bottle but it's a satin-y baby blue-ish tone.

Copper is an earthy shade and i think it will look perfect on my toes.

You know there are little things you come across from time to time in life that makes you stop dead in your tracks.
This is one - I can't wait to use this color.
Looks more Teal-ish in real life.

How whimsical is this color. Perfect for accenting.

Here comes the Metallics.
I heard a rumor that these are great for stamping and i'm trying to collect all.

Perfect Army Color, Rusty Mustardy Green.
Kinda makes me feel for HAM ;)
Reminds me of Chow Chow...Hehehe

Have you seen the Holo's lately.
I want to put this on everything!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank You Naomi! Can't wait to see your Christmas Designs... ;)