Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Welcome to 'Pajamas N Pearls'.

I finally have a place to call my own.

A place where i can go on and on about the tiny little things in my head and not bore my husband to death or make him pretend he's even listening.

Scripture Studies, Cooking, Baking, Edible Decorating, Swatches, Nail Art...

I've started already - Haven't I?

Any ways i like to call myself a 'Jill of All Trades'.

I want to do everything...and i mean everything (cept the dishes :D)

So just keep swimming, just keep swimming... wait - wrong line.

Stay tuned and just keep reading and if there is anything you want me to try or make, please feel free to drop me a comment or email me.

Thank You!

Happy Blogging...


  1. Let me be the first to welcome you. I'm only a corridor away so don't hesitate to ask me anything, if i don't know the ans we'll figure it out together :D

  2. As we always do - Figure things out Together!!! <3

  3. Hello Meera! Welcome to the world of blogging, looking forward to seeing your nail art!

    1. Thank You Naomi! Can't wait to get this ball rolling...

  4. Hey Meera just following your blog and sharing the love great page.